Caption Contest! Ends January 29th, 2012

24 Jan

Hey there you sexy kittens! Caption Contest time… since I have NO clue what to say about this photographed oops moment.

I swear, it’s dangerous living around the catarazzi!

Caption Contest Guidelines

(this is my first contest — so it’s not quite an exact science.. yet.. mmk?)

Pet LOVERS ONLY (yeah okay… this includes the dogs too)

1) Come up with a clever caption for the photo with my tongue hanging waaaaay out! Post your funny caption in the comments under this pic. Something that will make me roll over, giggle like a hyena, and stick my tongue out!

2) Share your caption on Twitter and make sure to @bigmamalucy! And add #catsaresuperior OR #kiva in your Twitter post. Cats RULE!! MeWOW!!

3) Contest ends January 29th, 2012!! Winner will have a post written just about them by Big Mama Lucy herself — Contest Winner(s): please include your Twitter name, real name, and have a photo nearby of your furriness (pet furriness only PLEASE and thank you). Also, having a good cause associated with your Twitter and blog/website helps too! Gives me more to write about, woo!

4) Only ONE entry per person/animal/furry creature and no profanity or sexual innuendo (just in case the small humans read this). Let’s keep it clean, like my potty box.

5) In the event that I can’t choose just ONE funny caption, two winners will be chosen and two separate posts will be written (one per winner).

Yep, sound good? Sweet catnip, let’s get this kitty train rollin’!!!

Photo of the Day (Jan 21st)

22 Jan


Cat Naps and Cameras

22 Jan


I don’t understand humans. Or at least I don’t understand MY human. For some reason she likes to lie on the floor and take pictures of me.  I’m sleeping and out of no where, that THING is pointing in my face. The lens thing!

*sigh* I guess it’s all part of being a kiva. My human says I look like a reptile…… Well, I disagree! Wait, do you guys think I look like a reptile? Is it my eyes? Again, humans are weeeeeeeeird!

I’ll have some more tips coming soon. Today, I just wanted to veg and relax. The barking thing was driving me NUTS today. Get this, now HE wants his own blog! Pffft. Or at least he wants to be featured in my blog. Can we say hairball gag?!

I am not about to barkify my blog. He wouldn’t even be able to sit still long enough to type W O O F.


Okay kivas and kits (Kivas in Training), ciao for now!


xoxo, Big Mama Lucy





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